Thursday, May 15, 2008

Millard County & 50,000 Miles

I grew up in a really small town called Fillmore~ population under 2,000 (and that is including five smaller surrounding towns). Say what you will, but they have the best sunsets ever!

Fillmore is also where our family dog Rikki lives. So I'd say it is a place worth seeing. (Isn't she cute!?)

We took a trip to Fillmore over Mother's day to visit my mom, and guess what mileage we hit in our car? No worries, I took a picture to prove it. 50,000 miles in 3 years is pretty good.

*Please excuse all of the crummy pictures, they were either taken with my camera phone or speeding down the highway.


Laurah said...

2,000 is pretty tiny! My town is about a little more than 3,000. The entire island is about 5,000 but a lot of residents are only here for summers. Beautiful sunset!

Crafty Christina said...

That sunset is gorgeous! I don't know what its like to be from a small town. My "town" has 8 million people. I wish I could live in a small town for awhile. I think I'd enjoy the quiet and solitude quite a bit!

Anonymous said...

That's the cutest dog I've ever seen. Mom

CraftyAshley said...

That sunset is very pretty. Cute dog too!