Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

1 –I love that he is my night in shinning armor. Don’t try to mess with me, or he’ll come after you.

2- I love that he gets so excited over the Jazz basketball games or any pro football game. “Watch this…sweetie, watch this replay. Yeah, wasn’t that amazing?” Screaming and yelling really does help the team to win.
3- I love that he can eat a whole bag of chocolate covered gummy bears but won’t touch the chocolate covered cinnamon bears. 4 – I love that he tries to race Sophie up the stairs. (She only wants to race me!)
5- I love that he loves the weather. Everyday he tells me what the weather will be like. I don’t ever have to watch the news.
6- I love that he loves to play tennis. He even lets me win occasionally.

7-I love that he is always up for an adventure. Even the maximum adventures!
8- I love that he is such a hard worker and is always willing to give it his all.

9- I love that he says all of my projects are fantastic, even if he isn't quite sure what it is I am making.

10- I love that he loves desserts. Brownies, cake, ice cream, you name it, he loves it!

11-I love that he takes care of our cats like they were our children. I know he will make an excellent father!

12- I love that he has every single “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy” quote memorized, and quotes them to me often. (I think they are ridiculous by the way).

13- I love it when we pass people on the road or in the mall, and I make a comment. He just says “Yeah, look at that.” Like this.
Me – “Hey look, that guy works at Wendy’s.”
Him – “Yeah, look at that.”

14- I love that even when I am at my worst, he still loves me.

15-I love that even when he is at his worst, I still love him.

16- I love that he loves to cook. One of his must haves is a big kitchen.

17-I love that he is super smart. I think I get smarter the more time I spend with him.

18- I love that when he finds something new, he will devote all he has to learning more about it.

19- I love that he wants to watch a movie on my zune every night before bed but falls asleep within the first two minutes.

20- I love that when we went to spend the night at the cabin, he spent the whole night catching moths in a tissue and then letting them go outside. (I have a huge fear of moths.) Oh, by the way, after catching and releasing moths for about 2 hours, we finally left and came home to sleep. We left the bugs and moths at the cabin.

21-I love that he challenges me everyday.

22- I love that he can make me laugh uncontrollably.

23 - I love his real “happy as could be” smile.

24- I love that he lets me take tons of pictures of him, even though he really hates it.

25- I love that he spent 2 weeks building a 7 foot cat tower for our cats because he knew he could make one better than the kind you can buy in the store. (It is our cats favorite!)

26- I love that I am at number 26 and I could still keep going.

Happy 26th Birthday! I Love You!


Crafty Christina said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! That was a very touching list of why you love him. Nothing is sweeter than true love!

Anonymous said...

... and I love that he makes you so happy. Happy Birthday, Dustin. Love, Connie

Rebekah said...

Happy birthday to your husband! This is such a great list! I will have to try something similar for Jon's birthday

Laurah said...

What a great list! I had to laugh at the one with your husband falling asleep after watching a couple of mins of a movie. My dad does this to my mom all the time and after 25 years of marriage is finally getting a teensy bit annoyed. She doesn't mind him falling asleep, but he'll forget and request to watch the sme movie like a week later.
Oh and I really like Deep Thoughts too! My favorite is the story about the dog named Stay.