Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dear Grandma...

Dear Grandma,

I wanted to thank you for the yummy kitty treats. Mom finally opened them for us and they were tasty. I even shared with my sister. Sophie did get to choose the bowl first, and I think she took the one that had more, but I don't mind. Because mom gave me the other treats you sent. Usually, I am really picky and will only eat the soft Wisker Lickens brand of kitty treats. I like to have them after mom clips my claws. She brought home this "other brand" of treats trying to fool me into thinking they were Wisker Lickens. I didn't buy it. So I had to go without treats. Until... you sent some really yummy ones. Thanks so much! You are the best grandma.


Dear Grandma,

Dimitri said it all. I got the most of the treats. I let him have a little. I made mom take this photo of me enjoying my treats so you would know to send more. Plus this is my good side. Loves to you for the treats. There will be more loves to come if you send more.


Dear Grandma,

Thanks for the treats. But please don't send any more. Your grandchildren are spoiled enough. Dimitri won't eat the treats I bought. He refuses. I have to get out the special ones you sent just for him. Sophie isn't very good at sharing and special treats only make it worse. Lots of loves and you don't even have to send me anything!



Anonymous said...

Darlings, you are both very welcome. Grandma loves you to have whatever you want, so I'll be sending more. Sorry, Cam.... Love Grandma

Rebekah said...

funny! cute food bowls :)

Anonymous said...

awwww, how sweet!!

And such a nice Grandma! You guys are so lucky to have her!