Thursday, July 31, 2008

Winner Announced Tomorrow!

Okay, my first blog giveaway is officially closed! Thanks to all you who commented. It was really fun for me to read all your great comments. I'll announce the winner tomorrow morning. Dustin will be choosing the name, so if your name isn't chosen, you can blame him. I will have to exclude the Alexanders (since she asked me to), but I totally understand that mail tends to gets stolen when traveling to Latin America. When I was in Ecuador, one of my friends sent me a package with Lucky Charms, cause that was the thing I missed the most, and it never made it. "Someone stole my Lucky Charms!" How rude is that!?

Look what else Dustin has been up to besides choosing a winner for my giveaway. He has made a little home for Roxy to have her kittens in. She is super pregnant and looks like it will be any day now. Just look at that belly!

Just for fun, look what me and my friends did for our lunch break today. Yep, we totally pampered ourselves today and went and got a pedicure.


Christina said...

Nice pedis and cute cat house.

Rebekah said...

I can't wait to see your little kittens! How exciting!

Michelle said...

cami, i miss you girls! did you seriously go get "toe jobs" at lunch? why didn't we do that sooner?! say hi to jen and britten for me! i'll send pics when i get home. love ya!