Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Kittens

The baby kittens have grown (today they are six weeks old) and we finally got them all adopted to good homes. It was insane how fast they grew. One day they didn't even have their eyes open, the next they were escaping from their closet every day. It was a lot of work trying to keep up with kittens. They are just full of energy and want to explore everything. We did our best to take good care of them and hold them every day. They loved to be held! We'd take them out on the grass and let them run, unless the neighborhood kids were around and then they'd just get mauled. Dustin would walk away from them and they'd follow, jumping through the grass. It was so cute, I had to make a quick video of it.

The black kitten went to a girl that lives in the same complex as us. She had her eye on this one since he was born. Her dad is allergic to cats so her grandma took it in for her. At first he was all black but as he grew he started to get this white patch on his chest. So cute!The two tabbys went to a home with twins. One for each! They have a lot of land so the kittens will have lots of places to run and catch mice. I'm glad that were adopted together but I was surprisingly sad to see them go. I guess I was more attached to them then I thought I was. How can you not look at this face and get attached?

We still have Roxy that needs a home, a really good one. If you know of anyone (in Utah) that would like to adopt her, send them my way.

Now that the kittens are gone, I might have a bit more free time to spend crafting! Yay!


Christina said...

They'er adorable! I wish we could have a cat! I hope you find a home for the last kitty.

Rebekah said...

they are so adorable! And that video was so cute. Thank goodness we don't live in Utah or we'd have another addition to our family right now :)