Monday, September 15, 2008

Stewart Falls

This past weekend we went to Stewart Falls which is, according to Dustin, one of Utah's best kept secrets. It is 4 mile hike up in Provo Canyon. There are tons of trees which makes for lots of shade. I'm not much of a hiker, but it was actually really pleasant. Some of the trees are already changing colors but I can imagine how beautiful it would be when they are all changing colors.

I think sometimes that I take it for granted how much natural beauty we do have here in Utah. I get hung up on the stuff that I don't like. So this was a great reminder of all the great things that we do have in Utah. The falls were so pretty and very M.O.S.S.Y!

* name that movie* I'm going to buy some eucalyptus cause it makes my apartment smell, Mossy!

The only thing I did not enjoy was ....GRASSHOPPERS! Boy is it ever grasshopper season. There were some kids that we passed on the trail, and they were so excited to show us all the great bugs they had caught. Most of them had containers that were see through. Lots of grasshoppers and caterpillars. Then one little girl had a box and wanted to show us. I nearly went white as a ghost. I was praying that she didn't have any grasshoppers or I would've screamed so loud. Thank goodness it was just caterpillars. Oh, kids can be so enthusiastic.
My friend Keith would have loved this. He loved the outdoors. He took me lots of times on 4-wheeler rides. One in particular that I really remember was during the Mormon Cricket season.

[For those of you outside of Utah, who may not know what Mormon crickets are, just know this... they are disgusting! I hate them. Even more than grasshoppers. My Aunt (you know who you are), wanted to go catch a bunch of them and make them into paper weights. Yuck! She couldn't get any of us to help her go catch them so it never turned into a reality. ]

I remember it was like a huge swarm of crickets. We just kept driving and tried not to stop otherwise they'd jump on the 4-wheeler. Keith loved to tease me and watch me scream as they jumped all over us. Then he'd just smile, and I couldn't help but smile too. Good times!


Lisa & Randy said...

I call you need to take me on this hike.... Looks like fun.

Crafty Christina said...

Nature is so gorgeous! Living in the city makes me miss out on such pretty landscape. Its a breathtaking view. Keith sounded like a fun loving person!

Rebekah said...

yuck...I hate bugs too. We currently have a cricket problem in our basement. It sounds like a summer evening all day

Your waterfall adventure looks gorgeous! Beautiful photos!

Jen Fannen said...

"I'm going to buy some eucalyptus cause it makes my apartment smell, Mossy!"

... is from You've Got Mail

Do I get a prize?