Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Finished Projects

The weekend went by super fast, but somehow I managed to squeeze in some time for crafting. I think mostly it has to do with Sunday Football. I don't really enjoy football but I love all the time that I get to myself to do some crafting while Dustin is watching football.

I am having a hard time believing that it is already the end of September. Which means, Christmas is coming up way faster than I would like. So, when I saw this tutorial by Crazy Mom Quilts, I thought it would be an excellent present for the in-laws. Dustin wasn't so sure about it, so I told him that I'd make some for us and see how they worked out. If he liked them, then I would make them for his family. If not, at least we would have some more dishcloths. I guess I went a little crazy, because I made four dish cloths and one hand towel for us and nothing for his parents, even though he said that he liked them and I should make some for them. I guess I'll get to that later. Amanda Jean does warn you in her tutorial that this project is not ideal for those people who do not like binding. I guess, I didn't realize how much I hate binding. I think I need to learn how to stitch it down by hand, and then I'd be more happy about it. Maybe this would be a good idea for craft night.

I also had time to start and finish a new receiving blanket. I'm really trying to stock up on my baby stuff to give away since so many people I know are expecting. This one was super simple. I just stitched it together and did a decorative stitch around the edging. I used the leaf stitch that is on my new sewing machine and went around twice: once in purple and once in green. I'm actually really pleased with the way that it turned out. Hopefully, I will be able to part with this one. And, I also started a new embroidery project. I know, just what I need. I swear this new hobby might be the death of me. But I counted up all the projects that I have finished this year, have started but not finished, and have waiting to be started. My list of finished projects is ahead of the other two categories (although, not by much), so I figured it was okay to start a new project. I'll post more on it when it is done.


jacquie said...

your binding fabric is my all time favorite fabric. i love how these turned out. that waffle muslin is so neat! how do they wash up?

Christina said...

Great cloths! I'm sure your in laws will love the set you make them. The latest blanket is great! I love that stitch around the edges.

The Alexanders said...

Hey super woman!
You are going to be your in laws favorite for sure!
I love the details on the receiving blanket. Your sewing machines are the best, the do flowers and leaves (that's weird I wanted to write leafes ahhh English)
Too cool!

Mamaw said...

I think the the "laws" would like a set of these too, don't you. Love, Mom

Ally said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I just love your receiving blankets!

Lisa said...

Those turned out sooo cute! I might have to try that, though I do fall into the category of people who hate binding. Or at least I'm just really bad at it.

The baby blankets are adorable. I love that stitching.

I love embroidery. Sometimes I wish I had found this passion for crafting while I was younger and seemed to have more time for it all. (That's probably just a faulty memory, though. lol)

Rebekah said...

cute blanket! I've been wanting to try that waffle tutorial too. I love my waffle weave towels.