Monday, December 8, 2008

My Weekend!

You know, most days I wish that weekends were 5 days long and weekdays were 2 days long. Why isn’t it that way? I know I’d be able to get more done.

I did get a lot of stuff done this weekend, just not the things that I would have liked to.

Friday I went to Chardell’s to have craft night. We sent the boys to the Jazz game. I even helped Dustin to make some signs. Since the game was going to be broadcast on ESPN, he wanted to get noticed. But I really hope they didn’t notice that we spelled Deron’s name wrong. Oops! They didn’t make it on TV but Dustin said they had a good time. And bonus, the Jazz won!


While they guys were at the game, Chardell, Anna and I watched the puppies movie, or 101 Dalmatians. Anna loved it! She watched the whole thing and didn’t want to go to bed until it was finished. She moves too fast, I can never get a good picture of her. This is why I need a new camera. Donations are accepted!


Saturday, I spent all morning decorating the house for Christmas. I usually do this the day after Thanksgiving, but I was too tired from all the shopping. I love having the house decorated for Christmas. It really makes me excited for the Christmas season to begin. I just wish I could have done it sooner.

The best part, I finally got a new mattress. I have been sleeping like a baby. More about this later. I want to wait for my bed frame to come before I tell you all about it. I love it!

Saturday, I went to a work Christmas party. Any one who says appraisers are dull, should see our team. We are quite the bunch of characters!

That was about it for my weekend. I did get a lot done in the craft area, but I’ll post about that later. It is hard because a lot of the things I have been working on are for Christmas presents and I’d hate to spoil the surprise.

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Rebekah said...

those signs are so fun! That's too bad they didn't get noticed!