Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

Thanks so much to Christina and Lesa for giving me this award.  You girls are super sweet and very inspirational!


Now it is my turn to nominate other Kreativ Bloggers!  And you know what?  It is too hard to choose just 7 that I love.  Honestly, my blog roll is so long, that I want to nominate all of them.  So I am!  I think all of the blogger's on my blog roll are super creative and very inspiring.  If you don’t have time to check out all of them, here are some that are worth visiting.

1- Crafty Ashley – She is such a talented lady.  She just had a baby but that hasn’t stopped her from making tons of cute things.  She is great with crochet, sewing, and she recently learned to knit.

2 – Teresa (Dewdrops Reflections) – She is so super talented.  I love seeing all of the things that she is making.  She had just started quilting and is doing it by hand.  She is very inspiring.

3- Rebekah – I’m sure you already know that I love her blog since I rave about it all the time.  She makes the cutest things and I’m so inspired every time I see what she has been making.  Her week of knitting stuff finally motivated me to give knitting another try.  Her quilts are fantastic!  I want to make ones just like her.

4 – Alissa -   Wow!  Check out her blog for the cutest quilts ever!  I love all of them.  She is fantastic at quilting too and her stitches are absolutely perfect.

5- Brenda – She is amazing at scrapbooking and photography!  I want to copy all of her layouts!  She has so many cute ideas and this is a great place to go for tons of inspiration.

And of course check out Lesa and Christina’s blogs for tons of inspiration on crochet and sewing.  You know they have to be amazing since they have already been nominated for this award.

You girls are the best! 


Lesalicious said...

Congrats Cami I totally had to notimate you since your work be so amazing make me so jealous lol, You keep up that quilting. Waiting to see your work on Etsy I believe you will do great job on there. :) Keep up the great work....

Alissa said...

Congrats on the tag! And thanks for the sweet mention! So nice of you!

alpinekleins said...

Hello there, oops sorry I forgot to read your latest post in my haste to leave you a COMMENT :) You have to check it this site, it's too funny - I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

congrats!!! Well deserved!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new tag. Thanks for the links to so many other great places too.

Rebekah said...

thanks for the award! I'm so excited that you've joined the world of knitting :)

The Bookworm said...

wonderful award, and well deserved!

CraftyAshley said...

Well Cami thank you so much! You are such a sweetheart! I miss being in Utah because I miss you. Your blog is awesome and all your talented work too! Can you remember when we didn't have blogs. lol Thanks and Congrats!