Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ribbit Ribbit


This project is going to be frogged. *sniff sniff* It is not working out according to plan. I ordered the amount of yarn the pattern required but I only finished 1/3 of the pattern before I ran out of yarn. My gauge was correct but something was obviously wrong. Maybe I need to use a larger hook.

I don’t have time to finish it or the money to buy more yarn, so I am ripping this out. I will try this pattern again later but I’ll have to wait until I can order more yarn. It was going to be a birthday present for my niece, but I don’t think she will mind that I didn’t get it finished.

The yarn is from knit picks and is the swish wool yarn. I absolutely love it. I also really like the puff stitches on this and think I might use this yarn to make a hat with lots of puff stitches on it.

Oh – Did I mention that I received this book as a gift for Christmas? I love it!

c book


Anonymous said...

It is always so sad when you cannot finish a project, or have to put it in the back burner as something else came up. I wish you the best in your next project!

Amy said...

I've been eying that yarn in the knitpicks catalog and wondering if it was all they said. Thank you for your review. I'm putting it on my list for a future project. Sorry yours didn't work out this time. I'm sure you'll think of something fun to do with it.

Rebekah said...

I've always wanted to try that swish yarn from KP. It's a bummer that you ran out. I really like what you had started though. Enjoy the new book!

BrItTneEanN said...

Ok so I'm not much into crocheting, myslef, to be honest. But I love that color, design, and yarn! That would make such a cute scarf or beanie hat. Those I do love.

Have I mentioned before that you do such a good job at crocheting??!!