Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank You Jen!

How cute is this?  Isn’t it adorable? 

What is it?  Are you kidding me, take another look.  Here, does this help?

Okay, how about I model it for you?  Now can you see how great it is?  It is a bow-knot scarf.  (pattern here)

I just love my new scarf!  My friend Jen (who helped me to finally learn how to knit), made this as a going away gift for me.  I jokingly gave her this pattern in December and said “you should make one of these…for me”.  (This was before my mad knitting skills).  And she did!  Squeaky wheel gets the grease again!

It is made out of this fantastic alpaca yarn and is so soft and warm.  I love love love it!  Thanks so much Jen!  You are amazing!


Crafty Christina said...

That bow tie scarf is great! What a great gift! Good luck with your move.

Also, thank you so much for the gorgeous thank you card. It is beautiful!

Photo By Emilie said...

Thanks so much for entering to win one of my photography pkgs on giveawaytoday. Good Luck!!

Rebekah said...

adorable! Isn't it nice when friends can take subtle hints :)