Friday, November 6, 2009

Joy In the New Year Challenge

Jacquie is hosting a Challenge - Joy in the New Year. At first, I really wasn't going to join, mostly because I was scared to count all of my unfinished projects. Then I decided that it was better to take on the challenge and hopefully get one UFO finished rather than none at all.

So I took stock of all my UFO's (at least the ones I can think of- I didn't actually hunt them down) and I have 9 unfinished projects that I would like to get done before next year. NINE! That is a lot considering I only have a couple of months to get them finished, but I am hopeful. I did include one project that I actually haven't even started yet but it must be finished by the end of the year. But I also included one project that I can get finished in an hour. Something to give me a boost to keep going when I need it. Wish me luck!
Go here if you'd also like to join.


Teresa p said...

Um, yeah, not gonna happen for me. If November and December weren't some of my craziest months, I think I could do it, but I have to be realistic and pass on this one.

Rebekah said...

good luck finishing up all of your projects :)

Crafty Christina said...

I've got a million WIPS to tackle. Not sure if I am brave enough to join though. The next few months are going to be a little hectic with work.

Good luck!