Monday, January 4, 2010

Stars Quilt

The quilt has been gifted so I can officially show you all what it looks like. At first, I wasn't really liking this quilt. I had gone back and forth on patterns and finally decided on this one... which I ended up loving. I was torn between keeping this for myself and giving it away, but in the end it made it safely on a plane to it's new owner.
It is a relatively simple pattern which makes things a little more enjoyable, with the exception of the flying geese. Not that they are difficult, just that I don't enjoy making all! The finished quilt measures approximately 59 x 72 - perfect for a snuggle quilt.
For the backing I used the left over fabric that I had from the stars. No particular rhyme or reason to it, but I actually kinda like it. I did an all over stippling on this quilt. Mostly because I was too lazy to do straight line quilting, and party because I really like it. The binding is the dark navy fabric and I also had time to make a tag for it.
The best part about this quilt - my dear sweet husband helped me with this. He helped in picking out the fabric, the pattern (until I changed it at the last minute), he even helped me with lining up blocks and ironing for me...and he helped with taking photos of it. If it wasn't for him, I most likely wouldn't have gotten this finished on time. What a sweetheart he is!

I hope the new owners enjoy it.


Rebekah said...

What a pretty quilt! I love the triangle pattern you chose for this

Carol said...

It's beautiful -- definitely would be a hard one to part with!

Val R said...

Beautiful job!

Crafty Christina said...

Oooh, its gorgeous! I don't know how you managed to part with it! Its fabulous!

alpinekleins said...

It is so adorable. I just want you to know there were sooooo many wonderful comments on it. Wish I could send them all back to you. Thank you so much - they love it truly!