Monday, March 15, 2010

Well...Hello there!

That was a nice two months break from blogging. I feel refreshed and ready to go! I'm excited to be back. I have some projects I've finished that I've been dying to show off. There is only so many times my hubby can live through my "ta-da" show and tells. Bless his big heart!

This scarf has become my new favorite. I love the colors, the yarn, the pattern, everything! I have worn it basically every day since I finished it. It makes me happy - all those fun, vibrant colors!
The pattern is from Brooklyn Tweed (found here). My friend Jen made this scarf a while ago, and ever since I have been dying to try it. I am not such a fan of the Noro, well, I like it a lot, but it is just too scratchy for me. Instead of Noro, I used Nashua Handknits Wooly Stripes yarn - two skeins each of the purple passion and rolling thunder.
I just love the color changes. The first day this yarn arrived at my door, I immediately sat down and cast on for this scarf. Then I knit for 3+ hours straight, without any breaks, which turned out to be not smart. I couldn't knit for two days after that, and even then my arms were still pretty sore. Hard lesson learned. I was just so excited to get started on this scarf and with every color change I wanted to keep going to see what color was next.

I really enjoyed making this scarf. It was fast, simple, and the end product is just beautiful. I think I might even make another one - sometime in the future, and this time I'll be sure to take lots of breaks. Maybe next time I'll try four different color waves instead of just the two.

My Raverly Link for this project.


Mamaw said...

Welcome back! I love your scarf too. Make many, many more and share with your lazy mom, okay?

Crafty Christina said...

Yay! Welcome back! The scarf is beautiful. I'm a sucker for multi-colored yarns too.

Teresa p said...

So pretty! I tried this scarf but was having a hard time hiding the yarn changes up the side. How did you do it?

alpinekleins said...

Seems like FOREVER! Look how beautiful - I can practically feel how soft it is. So lovely!


Rebekah said...

welcome back! Your scarf is gorgeous! I love the variegated stripes