Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ballband Dishcloths BULK Apparently

Well, I think I finally have a new favorite dishcloth pattern.  Don't worry, I still love the grandmother's favorite dishcloth pattern, but recently I have been obsessed with the Ballband Dishcloth.
 This picture shows ten of the finished dishcloths, but there are a few missing that were gifted before I could take pictures of them.

We just purchased our first home, and so I'm excited to use all new dishcloths in our new kitchen.  I love the bright colors of these and think it might even make the chore of dish washing a happy experience.
My favorite is the top dishcloth, that was made with leftover scraps. 

I used the slightly smaller version pattern for this. (Instructions found here.) I have made this pattern before (see here), and decided I didn’t want them as large as the original pattern, and not quite as small as the “slightly smaller version”.  So I did an in-between size and added 6 sts to the cast on for a total of 43 sts. Turned out perfect size! Love them, obviously, I can’t seem to stop making them.

And since I just can't help myself, I've also managed to make a few grandmother's favorite dishcloths to add to the pile.
Raverly Page
Pattern - Ballband Dishcloth
Modifications -Cast on 43 sts
Yarn - Various colors of Lily Cotton Sugar n' Creme
Needles - Size 7 US straights


Brenda said...

They are beautiful! Congrats on your new home!

Greg and Karianne said...

Wow those are really neat! Not that I could ever make those but I'm very proud of you! And can't wait to see your new place!

Crafty Christina said...

These are really cute! Have to try some too!