Thursday, December 8, 2011

Calorimetry Ear Warmer

One of my good friends has a birthday in November, and so I thought she needed a little something special to keep her warm during the cold season (ugh... Utah weather).  As a side note, I really love living on the east coast where it is warm and pleasant through the winter months.  I really don't miss the snow.  But I do enjoy making knits for all my family and friends to keep them warm while they are burrowed in the snow.

I remember her saying once that she wanted a headband/ear warmer for the winter to keep her warm without squishing her hair.  She has beautiful hair and it would be a shame to cover it all up under a hat. And what better way to keep your ears toasty warm then in Malabrigo! 

I decided on a simple ribbed ear warmer (found free here).  It really is a simple pattern, and the end results are lovely. It could easily be dressed up with a knitted flower, or pin, a ribbon.... really anything, or just worn plain (that's how I like it, so that's what I did).

The button was nothing special, just something that I had on hand and matched.  I do like that the increases create additional holes so that if it is not tight enough there are different options of where to button it. 
After reading a few notes on other projects on Raverly, I made a few modifications to the pattern. Here they are:  Cast on 92 sts, 11 repeats of row 5, 13 repeats of row 7.

Overall, I really liked the finished project and hope that she does as well.  I might even make one for myself. 

Raverly Project Page
Pattern - Calorimetry by

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BrItTneEanN said...

Hey that friend is me, and I do love it. I can't believe you remembered that I wanted one. I actually attached a flower to it when I wore it. I love that I can buy different barrettes to attach with whatever matches me that day.