Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving...and Day After!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a nice time shopping the day after sales. I know I did! I realize that it is pretty crazy to get up extremely early, stand out in the cold, and wait for a store to open just to purchase ... stuff. But it was really fun! And we got some steller deals.

But more importantly, I have finished another project. Yippee for me! I know it is nothing great, but I really enjoy crocheting around edges of receiving blankets. This one even has a purpose, a friend of my DH is having a baby girl and so this is for her shower tomorrow. (I know, cutting it kinda close). I just did a simple shell stitch around the edge, since I was short on time but I still think it turned out nicely.

Close up of stitch
Blanket folded, but still needs to be ironed and wrapped
That's about it. I had a wonderful holiday and hope you all did too.


Lesalicious said...

Great job on the blanket so cute. I surely had a great Thanksgiving and a lovely Black Friday. Seem like you did also. Hope you have fun at the shower:)

Crafty Christina said...

I love this blanket!!!!