Saturday, December 8, 2007

I finished my Ripple Bag!

I have finally finished my ripple bag that I started with my friend Ashley. We had a hard time just getting the thing started but once we did, it was a super easy pattern. I think I stated over like four times, and I am never that patient with patterns. Ashley has made like 50 of them and hers are super cute. It took me a lot longer but I have finished it and I must say that I love the way it turned out. I blocked it to make it lay flat since I am such a tight crocheter. It looks a lot better. I also did the strap a bit longer than what the pattern called for and I think I like it better. It is going to be gifted to my sister for Christmas so I hope she likes it. Anyway, other than that, I have just been cleaning. I love Saturdays! We have got a ton of snow so I have tried to stay inside as much as possible. That just means more crochet time!
Here is the finished bag and a close up of the stitches.

Oh, and just in case you were ever worried that I didn't have enough help doing this blog or keeping my office organized, here is some proof. (We wouldn't want the bills running off and paying themselves now would we! Good thing I have Sophie to hold them down!)


Laura said...

What a cute cat! I just love Siamese cats! I have a black and white mixed breed cat (picture of her on my blog) and would love to have a second cat, but I found out recently that my son is allergic to cats (and dogs, dust mites, pollen, etc). Very nice dishcloths too!

Unknown said...

Great stuff and I just love the cat!!!