Friday, December 7, 2007

My mom is the greatest!

Today when I got home from work there was a package waiting for me in the mail. It was a package from my mother! Isn't she the greatest, look at what she sent me!

I am so excited! There will be more wash cloths to come. The best part is, that I was going to go to the store tomorrow to get more white cotton yarn to do edges around some wash cloths, but now I don't have to. I will have plenty.

I have also blocked my ripple bag and finished the strap. So all I have to do is stitch it all together and then I am done. I already have itchy fingers to start something else. I guess that is what the wash cloths are for. Here is the bag in the blocking process. And just because my cats are the cutest, here is them doing what they do best (and all day long). They lay in front of the space heater and roll from side to side when one side gets warm. Notice they are so spoiled they even have their own blanket placed special just for them to lay on and be comfy. They are so adorable!

The brown tabby is Dimitri. We got him first, about a year after we were married, from the pound. He doesn't have a voice box so he is super quiet. Then he was sad and lonely when we were gone a lot so we got Sophie to keep him company. She is a Snowshoe Siamese that we adopted from Petsmart. She mostly just picks on Dimitri and gets into trouble. But we love her still the same. She keeps things lively at our house. She is very adventurous whereas Dimitri is very cautious and scared of everything. Its funny how they have such strong personalities. I just love them both!

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Lesalicious said...

Cool mom she is the greatest. Love the ripple bag you is doing so far can't wait to see it when you is done. Great job. Awww kitty:)