Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My niece, Anna, is one year old today! We had a birthday party for her yesterday and it was very exciting. She is so smart and very good at opening presents. Oh boy does this little girl love clothes! Every time she got clothes, mostly it was the pink pants, she would smile and then start to rub the pants on her face. She was so happy to have new clothes. Then she'd scoot around the room showing everyone her new pants.
She did the same thing with the new toys I made her. She grabbed the toy and then started to smile and giggle and smash it to her face. So cute! I have been dying to show these, but had to wait until after the party so as not to give away the surprise. They are so cute and they were fun to make.
This is what grandma made for her. Isn't it the cutest!? It has a cute purple velvet collar and Anna is just adorable on it. My mom is so talented.

My sister made her this quilt. She even let Anna help with the quilting!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Anna!!! What beautiful presents you made - they are simply adorable!!! And what a gteta jacket and quilt - a very lucky little girl having so many creative women in her life to give her all that yummy homemade goodness!!

Laurah said...

Aw! She is such a cutie!
The amigurumis look nice. I like the color schemes you chose. The frog arms give him personality!
You have very tallented sewers in the family!

Rebekah said...

those little stuffies are so cute! I especially love the frog...great colors, too

CraftyAshley said...

Congrats Auntie and Happy B-day to your niece!!! You did such a great job with her presents! I love that she got a lot of homemade things. That is so neat! You and your family are very talented! Have a great day!

Crafty Christina said...

She's adorable! Love the amis and how she's holding the bunny. Too cute!

dragonkisses said...

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