Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's a NEW day!

Oh boy is it ever a NEW kinda day! I woke up in a fantastic mood (I was super crabby last night - Sorry Dustin!) and realized my day was full of NEW stuff. Here is my list!

1 - New post on my blog! Okay, that was an obvious one but I didn't want to miss it.

2- New glasses! I'm super excited about these. I can't tell you how much the world has changed for me. There are colors, words, road signs, and everything is in focus! The world is right again!

3- New home! Well, technically not yet, but we signed the contract last night so we at least have a place to go. Isn't it cute? I'll take inside photos when we move in and get settled.

4 - New earrings! Compliments of my mother... thank you! These were a fun surprise in the mail and I totally love them.

5- New chocolate! At work that is - we can't have dangerous food like this laying around our house. I borrowed them from a co-worker and then ate it! Love the fun surprise in the middle. Although the message has me a little perplexed. What kind of dreams should I be writing down? Like my hopes and wishes? My scary night mares? My daydreams about crochet? I think they need to be a little more clear on this message.

Then I opened the second one, also borrowed! ;-) And I think I'll just go with this message instead! So here is to a new day!!!


Crafty Christina said...

I love your new glasses! They suit you very well! Your mom is so sweet for sending you little surprises in the mail...its obvious you guys have a great relationship. Mmmm, chocolate. I love chocolate!

Rebekah said...

your new glasses are really cute! They look great on you! And congrats on the new house and all of your new things!

CraftyAshley said...

Wow what a great day! Hope you have a great weekend too!!!!!

Laurah said...

Those glasses are really cute! I used to have glasses kinda like that in a dark red.
The earrings are gorgeous! I love that design and they'll go nicely with your new glasses.