Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Polka!

For those of you who have the same idea as moi ... "accordions are just for polka music". Here is the proof that changed my mind.

Today at work, we had a going away party for one of our co-workers who got a new job. Our other co-worker, his wife, plays the accordion and so she came in to play for us. Isn't she adorable? She bought her first accordion at a thrift store and decided to learn to play. Now she is really good, has a super fancy one (did you know that they are super heavy? Hers weighs 30lbs.) and she is even in an accordion club (they meet monthly!).

Probably won't have any more posts for a while since I am in the process of moving. No worries though, I have finished a few items I just need to take some pictures.


Crafty Christina said...

I've never seen an accordian in person, so i had no idea they were so heavy!

Good luck with the move!

Rebekah said...

accordians are so cool! Jon's stepdad plays the accordian and I love it whenever he plays for us.

Laurah said...

That's pretty good! I had a toy accordian as a kid that didn't have the keyboard part. It had the same effects as a harmonica - the same button would sound different when pulling out vs pushing into the air bag.
Good luck with the move! That's a big job, but once you get settled it will be worth it!