Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sophie's New Mouse

Sophie has totally destroyed her toy mouse that I made her awhile ago (the green one made from acrylic yarn). She literally loved it to shreds! So, I decided it was time for a new one ~ a sturdy one, one that would last longer. So I made this cutie! I made it from cotton yarn hoping that it might last a little longer, but only time will tell. It is filled with Catnip, so it drives her crazy. Cats on catnip is one of the funniest things ever. I'm not sure if she really likes it, but she has worn in it already so I think she is warming up to it.
And I just wanted to show you all how super spoiled I am. The other day when I got home from work (from a long day mind you) this was waiting for me on the kitchen table, the house was cleaned, and dinner was ready to go. What a super guy I have! Those are new Shade shirts (my favorite clothing store E.V.E.R!).

Can you smell the goodness?!


Christina said...

Nice mouse! Sophie is going to love it.

What a sweet hubby! Did he do it just because he loves you or is there a special occasion? I've never heard of that store, btw.

Laurah said...

The mouse is so cute! I've never seen a cat 'on catnip' before. Must be pretty funny though.
The roses are beautiful - but also cleaning and dinner? You are one lucky girl! I love the smell of fresh cut roses.

CraftyAshley said...

Aawwwhh! What a great hubby! Pat him on the back for me. I had to make sure and read it out loud for my hubby. lol Congrats Sophie on your new toy made by your mama!

Rebekah said...

cute! I bought a kit and made some felted cat nip mice for my cats. They are still using them a year later.

And, how sweet of your husband to surprise you like that! I'm going to have to try some SHADES shirts. I always hear great things about them.