Friday, May 30, 2008


Hello! I'm back. I've been busy.

First - Hope everyone had a wonderful memorial day. Me and DH took his sister who just recently graduated from college out for a nice dinner. Apparently all of the good restaurants were closed on this holiday so we had trouble finding a place. We remembered this place in Salt Lake called Oilo that is really good so I called to make a reservation. They told me it was a holiday so no reservations were necessary since they were super slow. Well, sure enough. We were the only people in the restaurant. We should have let his sister believe that we rented it all out for her, but I don't think she would have bought it. The dessert was to die for! Tiramsu (I don't know how you spell it), and chocolate molten cake. YUM-O! We even had the hostess take our picture so she would think we were tourists! Seriously, don't people go out to eat and shop on holidays? Why are retail establishments closed? I don't get it.

Second- I finally decided what I wanted to do with the free fabric that I won at SewMamaSew. I made curtains for our bedroom. The colors work great with the quilt that I made DH for Christmas. And they are fantastic at keeping out the light.

Third- I finished another receiving blanket. I just love making these things. And this is my new favorite border to do. I also bought fabric to make three more. I think I am addicted!

Well, that is my quick catchup post. I am going to a quilt retreat with my family (we call it a quilt retreat but really it is just my family at my Aunt Catherine's House, sitting around sewing, and having fun) this weekend, so I'll be sure to have lots of fun pictures to show of everyone's projects. We are learning how to applique!


Laurah said...

Wow, those desserts do look good! Tiramisu is soo good and chocolate is the best, Glad you could find a 'private' little restaraunt to celebrate your SIL's graduation.
The curtains look really nice! I like what you did with the free fabric. Also, the fleece blanket turned out really nice. Those ladybugs are so cute!

Christina said...

Mmmm, Tiramisu is so good! The curtains are great and really do match the quilt nicely. Love the receiving blanket! I love how you make them double sided.

Rebekah C said...

fun to have a restaurant all to yourself! those curtains look so cute! Do you have any directions for doing that crochet trim (or, can you show a tutorial *hint hint* ) : )

mama24boyz said...

I love your fleece blankets. I have never really wanted to crochet an edging on fleece, but yours make me think twice. What is the border you do?