Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

A day late! It is okay though, I saw my dad the day before Father's day, so he got the message. We went to Logan this weekend to spend some time with my dad. We hardly ever get to see him since he lives in Montana. So when he comes to Utah, it is nice to get to spend some time with him. He does craft shows, and sells his "crafts" (apparently he is a crafter not an artist!) all over the place. One lady (customer) even has a whole room dedicated in her house just to stuff made by my dad. Pretty neat hey!? This is what his booth looks like. He spend all his time setting this up and then taking it down. I spend all my time opening up the garbage can hiders so that people can see what they are. It is so funny because people walk by, see them, and walk over and close them. Then I get up and open them again so the next person can do the same thing. You can tell by this picture I'm pretty good at it since they are closed. (It is the green cabinet in front of the stroller).Dad and Kathy (She keeps dad in line).
Here is something interesting. Please explain if you understand but I don't get it. What is this advertisement supposed to be saying? Move dad, you are in the way? Move dad, I want a day dedicated to me not you? Move dad, this is my space? Move dad, you are getting chunky? Does anyone get the logic behind this?
Dustin was pretty excited for Father's day because he got lots of new games. I found this fantastic game store (thanks Britten) and so most of his presents came from there. As did my present to my dad. He finally got the game Ticket To Ride and a new one we haven't heard of called Carcassonne. We haven't played them yet because we spent all weekend playing Balloon Cup. Very great game for two players. I highly recommend it.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's day! Lots of love to my dad and Dustin on Father's Day!

*Please excuse the crummy photos, they are from my camera phone which isn't the best.


Jeanette said...

Hi Cami, found your blog on quilting bloggers. I too went to Logan this weekend to see my dad, and we went to summerfest also but didn't get there til after eight and most people were packing up by then. Just funny that the first blog I clicked on today had such a similar weekend to mine LOL

Jacquie said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Come back soon. I'll be back to read more on your too!

Christina said...

Hmmm, I don't get the message of that ad either. Happy Father's Day to your dad and hubby.

Laurah said...

Maybe emotionally 'move' dad? Not really sure either. That picture doesn't help. Glad you had a goo father's day with your dad and husband!

Rebekah C said...

my mom and aunt used to do the craft fair circuit. It was a lot of fun getting to play with a cash register for real as a 10 year old!