Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Gas Mileage

Yuck-O! That is what I have to say about gas prices. I know I'm not the first one to complain about it and I probably won't be the last...but I just think it is ridiculous. It seems to be hovering around the $3.99 mark but I'm sure it will race past the $4.00 mark any day now (it already has at some gas stations here).

Sure I'd love to be getting this kind of gas mileage... but unfortunately it only lasted for a few minutes.
With gas prices the way they are we have been trying our hardest to save on gas. First, we sold my beloved 4-runner (see ya later 16 mpg expensive gas guzzler) and I am now walking to work. We still have our Hyunadi but now we just share a car. I was always so proud that we were able to get 32-34 mpg in our car. But now Dustin has figured out a way to get even better. We coast a lot more, only drive 65 to 70 on the freeways instead of 80, don't race to the stop lights just to stop, and don't accelerate as fast. This is the kind of mileage we have been getting just by changing the way we drive. It sure it a lot better than before and we have been able to go a lot longer on a tank of gas than we used to be able to.


Laurah said...

That's great that you have done so much to reduce your gas. You're also reducing the pollution in the air, so that's nice too.
Here in the San Juans regular costs $4.87. It's always higher than the mainland, but sheesh!

Christina said...

Yeah gas is nuts. Its about #4.30 for regular here. I'm glad I don't own a car anymore!