Monday, August 4, 2008

Zig Zag Quilt is Finally Finished!

Remember this quilt? Remember when I got it basted? Well, it has been long enough... I've finally finished it. Yay! I totally love it! Dustin asked who this one was for, and I'm definitely going to have to keep it. I know I have a lot already but I just love it, and maybe one day I will be able to part with it. Until then, I'm hanging on to this one.
Most of the fabrics in this quilt are from the Katie Jump Rope line. I think there were only two that were not, and well, the plain orange of course is not from that line either. I think I spent a total of 20$ on this quilt, which I think is quite a steal. Thanks to Chardell for donating the orange fabric (inspiration for this quilt). I think the finished size is about 35x45.
I didn't have enough of the orange to do the backing so I used some left over squares that were already cut out and made a small boarder. It worked perfect. I really like how it turned out. I just need to add a label to this one and then I will be completely done.
I also didn't want to have to buy more fabric for the binding, you know I already spent 20$ I didn't want to spend more. So I used the scraps of yellow that I had. (Just barley had enough by like 1 inch, phew!) It kinda gives it a scrappy feel since the binding is done in all yellows but they are all different.
One more project down....a million more to go!


Crafty Christina said...

I love it! The orange and yellow are so cheery!

Anonymous said...

It turned out really cute. So, howwww many baby quilts do you have? Just kidding. You can never have enough. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly glad someone was able to use the rest of that orange. The quilt is so cute.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cami,

I'm a blog lurker but have to come out of hiding to comment on this post. I love that quilt an was wondering when you started quilting and how you got started. I don't know if you've posted about it before (I've only been reading for a couple of months). I would love to start quilting but don't know if I can just jump right into it or need to learn some things first. Your advice would be great.

Rebekah said...

this is gorgeous! I love the orange/white/yellow combo. Beautiful job!