Monday, November 10, 2008

A Very Busy Weekend…and I even had time for crafts!

Oh my, did I have a busy weekend. But it was well worth it, especially since I had lots of time to get some crafting done (with the hurt finger and all)!

On Friday, we had a craft night at my church. I was on the committee to help plan this all, so I’m glad it is over. It went really well. They made lots of things, but I choose to just make these blocks with pictures on them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way they turned out. They were super simple. I just might make some more. Anyone want to get together for a craft day to make some?

misc 020

I made one larger one and one smaller one. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of them but the camera batteries were dying and this was the best I could get. They are just wood blocks, about 8x8 for the large one and 6x6 for the smaller one. I matted a few pictures on cardstock to help give them a little pop! Add some ribbon, and done! Super cute!

misc 019

It was a long night and I didn’t get home until 11:30 (which for those of you who know me, I’m an old lady and this is WAY past my bed time.) I then stayed up to make a poster to my sister-in-law, Karianne who competed in her first Triathlon on Saturday. Tell you what…Amazing! Props to her. I’m really proud of her for doing this.

misc 001

Run – 3 miles

misc 003

Bike – 10 miles (this included hills!)

misc 006

Swim – 6 lengths of the pool (I don’t know how much that it, but it looked tiring.)

I made her this sign to hold up while we cheered her on. I hope it wasn’t too embarrassing! I had lots of fun. My father-in-law kept suggesting that the whole family do it next year. I volunteered to make a sign for everyone who did it. Someone has got to cheer them on, right?

misc 009

After that, my mom and sister came over for Craft Day! We made more of these wood blocks with the vinyl lettering. Mom made the tan “give thanks”, I made the “harvest” one. Chardell was slacking and just made a ribbon.

misc 012

Teasing! She made a brown “give thanks” and “let it snow”. She made it double sided. Perfect because you can use it for more than one holiday and all you have to do is swap out the ribbon. I cut out a “let it snow” for the back side of mine, but didn’t get around to putting it on.

misc 012

misc 011

TA-DA!!!! This is us, so proud of our blocks. Dustin was such a sweetheart and made sure to compliment us on our wonderful achievement that took us all day to make. He is such a wonderful hubby! He even brought us warm cookies and milk while we were busy working.

My sister also made these cute letters for Anna’s room. She tied ribbon and put little flowers on them. She thinks they need something else. I don’t. Any opinions/suggestions?

misc 013

Stay tuned, a giveaway is coming!


Christina said...

You got quite a bit done this weekend. Impressive with your hurt finger. I especially like the wooden photo blocks. I really like the Anna blocks. The only thing I would consider adding is little polka dots maybe? But I just happen to like polka dots!

Lesalicious said...

Amazing weekend. Very exciing crafting going on.:) Love those blocks great there. Makes me want to make one that says. MINES lol:)

Rebekah said...

these projects are so cute! I really love the photo blocks that you made!

The Alexanders said...

The picture blocks are adorable. I love the colors you use on them.
I remember meeting your mom, of course at Target...where else?
As for the letters, they look great to me. If she is going to add something I would suggest something white.

Snuggie2U said...

I thought the same thing about ANNA's name....polka dots!

Tif said...

Love all of the crafts! It is definitely craft season...I especially love the picture blocks. What a wonderful idea!