Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Year Blog Anniversary!

I can’t believe that I have been doing this blog for a year (I’m just celebrating early, it actually isn’t until the 16th!). It goes by so fast.

I love all of the projects that I have completed during this year! I especially love that I can say that I actually completed projects. These are some of my favorites from this year of blogging but I really do love all the stuff I make.


In honor of my 1st year of blogging, I’m doing a giveaway! YAY! My sister Chardell is the talent behind the prize so you can thank her. *Thanks Chardell, for the giveaway prize*


She made this adorable crayon roll. It is done in girl colors with pink and white stripes on the front and purple flowers on the inside. It also has a monogram letter on the front cover. Chardell said she was willing to switch it out to whatever letter you would like. Right now it is an “N” but that is just for show. Unless you want an “N”, then it is perfect. It comes will all the goodies inside – crayons and a coloring book (Elmo!) – so it is ready to go! It would make an excellent Christmas present.


Now that you've seen this great prize, I’m sure you are dying to know what you need to do to enter.

First, tell Chardell “thanks” (just say it in your comment or send her an email if you know her in person).

Second, thing to do to enter is answer this question.

Between me and my sister, how many total projects (everything is included in this number with the exception of scrapbook projects) do we have that are unfinished for this year? This includes projects that we have started and not completed and projects that we have purchased stuff for but not started (and obviously not finished either).

That’s it! That is all you have to do to win this great prize. Leave your guess in a comment on this post before Monday the 17th and you will be entered to win. Whoever gets the answer to the question correct will win. Unless no one guesses correctly, then it will be the closest guess to the correct answer. Good luck to all!


Christina said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary! Time just flies, doesn't it? Thanks Chardell for donating your time and talent (you make a cute kid too!) to Cami's give-awa-.

Now for my guess....ummm, I'll say 6

jacquie said...

i love how you celebrated by showing your mosaic. it's fun to look back on all you accomplished! first, thanks to chardell. i'd love to make one of those. as for unfinished projects, i just counted mine up today as i was trying to prioritize...19 for me so maybe for the 2 of you, i'm saying 31.

Lesalicious said...

Happy Blog-Anniversary. I have been enjoying all your projects this pass year keep it up bring us all into 2009 with more of your creative mind. Thanks your sister Chardell for the lovely gift you can use to donate. So cute.

As for my unfinshed I will have to guess about 10 projects at the most I belive as for finished I can't give guess that. LOL

Mamaw said...

A whole year? That's great, and look at all you've accomplished. You make a mama proud. I won't guess for the giveaway because I know how many unfinished projects I have and you're probably close to that number, being my daughter and all. Thanks to Chardell anyway.

Britten said...

It is crazy that it has already been a year. Happy Anniversary Cami! Between the both of you my guess for unfinished projects will be 40. I was hoping to see what your mom guessed...darn!

Anonymous said...

Chardell and Cami... Wow your projects are great. I wish I had the time and energy to take on as many cute things as you have. Keep up the good work and the more pictures of Anna the better.

My guess for the number of unfinished projects is just what your old neighbor said when asked how many puppies his dog had. ALL Of Them.

as ever

Anonymous said...

CW you're hillarious! Can I have a sucker anyway?

CraftyAshley said...

Hi Cami Happy 1 year blog-aversary! So first thanks Chardell and I guess 29 for the both of ya!

Anonymous said...

I love your finished projects. My favorites are the quilts. I hope to have as many done as you do by your next anniversay day. Thanks Chardell for your cute giveaway prize Kristi would love it. So I had to put in a guess. I would say that between the two of you there must be about 45. I am going on how many I have and then X 2.

Aunt Joan

Kevin and HolliJo said...

Hey Cami! Your blog is so cute, with tons of cute crafts I am dying to make (Kevin, well not so much). Anyways, just wanted to say hi! Feel free to check out our blog and keep in touch at!

Rebekah said...

Congrats on one year of blogging! Thanks Chardell for making the giveaway! And, my guess is 11 unfinished projects :)