Saturday, December 27, 2008

Handmade Christmas Gifts

I only had time to make a few Christmas presents this year.  I wish I could have done more, but I guess there is always next year.  Cutting your finger off doesn’t really help in the process of getting Christmas presents done on time. 

I was able to make some dish cloths and hand towels for my sister and Dustin’s cousin.  I really like the way they turned out and hope that they like them.


All of the fabric I bought at Joann's.  I ended up purchasing enough of the red polka dot fabric to make some of these for me.  I just love this fabric so much.  And I also bought more of the waffle weave muslin.  I just love this fabric.  It works so well for washing dishes.


I didn’t have enough time to stitch all the binding down by hand, so I just did it by machine.  It definitively does not look as nice, but I think it might hold up a little better in the washer. 



Christina said...

Both fabrics are great! I'm sure they will be loved.

Rebekah said...

very cute! I still want to make some of these. I will have to check at joanns for the waffle fabric

Anonymous said...

I like the layout change. Nice.

luluvision said...

well they look fabulous! i wish I can do binding like that!

jacquie said...

love those!!! my joanns doesn't have that waffle muslin. someday i'm going to try machine stitching a binding. there's got to be a trick to