Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank You Ashley

My friend Ashley made me this fantastic scarf as a thank you.  I know, quite the nice thank you.  She just had a darling baby girl and I sent her some bibs.  As a thank you, she sent me this.  I don’t know where she found the time to make a scarf but I just love it. 

When I first started a crochet group in my church, Ashley was one of the only ones that came faithfully every month.  She picked up on crochet so quickly and has since become a master.  Her husband then got a job in Virginia and they moved.  I miss her. 

Thanks Ashley!  I love it!




Christina said...

I love the color and texture! What a nice thank you!

Me the Mom said...

I agree - very cute! Cami, do you use flikr to add your photos to your blog? I haven't quite figured out the best way to get the photos on the blog just yet . . .


Rebekah said...

that scarf is so pretty! I love the colors of the yarn. It looks so soft and squishy!