Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mr. Benjamin's Blanket

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this to arrive to it's new owner before I could post pictures here. I'm sure that he has been waiting and waiting for me to finish this, so I guess we are even.
Poor little guy, he had to wait a few months (or several) for me to kick it into gear and get this finished. Well, it finally happened... and I am in love with the end product! I don't know what took me so long. Okay, I do know what took me so long. See all of those rows? Each stitch is the same thing over, and over, and over.... which means it is very mind numbing. I got half way through this months before his due date and then I just stopped (i.e. I started this in April of 09 and didn't finish it until Nov. 20, 09. I'm a slacker!). I knew I needed to get it finished but I just couldn't force myself to work on it. But I finally did, and it is finished! YAY!!! This is just a simple shell stitch pattern (can be found in this book) with an H crochet hook. I changed colors every row, alternating between the three so that I didn't have to weave in any ends. I did a simple DC edging around it to hide all the color changes. This is made with Red Heart Soft yarn in navy, tangerine, and white. I'm not sure of the size because I forgot to measure it before I sent it off. I used two skeins of each color and just worked the pattern until they were gone.

I hope Mr. Benjamin likes it and that it helps to keep him warm through the crazy cold Utah winter.

PS - Are you excited to finally see something crocheted on this site? It has been a while. Plus, this is number three on the list of UFO's to finish before the end of the year. Only six more to go!


Crafty Christina said...

I'm sure Mr. Benjamin will love it! Doule points because its in Mets colors. :)

Woohoo, 1/3 of the WIPS all done! You're doing better than me girlie.

Rebekah said...

this blanket is so adorable! I love the shell stitch pattern and the colors that you chose. Congrats on finishing up so many wips! I have yet to finish any on my list, but I hope to get started on things this weekend.

Debbi-a1 said...

I love the blanket! You did a great job.

Anonymous said...

I am mesmerized by this beautiful piece. Such a rich looking blanket using such a simple stitch. My one question is; I know how to crochet a shell stitch, but what did you do between each shell (sc, skip stitches, dc, etc). Know what I mean? I would love to attempt the same, but not sure how to make it all work. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Benjamin LOVES his new blanket and his sister loves it just as much. Since it arrived it has been used constantly except for the time it had to go through the washer because it got some spit up on it. We love it! Thanks so much. In fact he's playing on it right now. :)


Anonymous said...

What a cute...cute blanket... You are so talented... Congratulations on finishing projects..I seem to just add new ones to the list. Happy Holidays and be sure to know we are thinking of you and missing you this Christmas time... Hope to see you soon.

CW /family

RosaMarĂ­a said...

great blancket!

Unknown said...

Lil Mister Benjamin is a lucky fella! What a cute blanket, love the stitch.:) It's ok that it took some time to complete, it's got a whole lifetime to be loved.

Jan said...

It' a very striking piece. And I understand the mind numbing part. I'm struggling through a ripple pattern and the only thing that keeps me from climbing the walls is the variegated stripe.

I'd love to make the shell one if and when I finish the ripple. There are three more boys in the family I made the Jacob's Ladder for and I feel compelled to make one for each of them. So I'm keeping my eyes open for ideas.

Also love the idea of not having to weave in all the ends. HATE weaving ends!