Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ask... and Ye Shall Receive.

In this case, you must ask... and then be super super patient. My sister randomly mentioned to me that she was in desperate need of some homemade dishcloths and needed to go to the store to get some yarn."Hold up! I'll make you some! Seriously, I'd love to make some for you!"

This conversation took place during my all-I-want-to-do-is-knit-this-dishcloth-pattern stage. You know... like this time, and this time, and this time. Oh and there was this time when I went crazy. It is an obsession. Slowly it has started to find it's place mixed in with other projects and is slowing becoming a slight obsession, on the verge of becoming normal.

So as I began to knit other things and start to experiment with new knitting ideas and techniques, the dishcloth extravaganza got set aside. As did my promise to make some for my sister. Bless her for her massive amounts of patience. She waited and waited, and then waited some more. Today, they finally arrived.I was able to make her eight dishcloths, seven of the grandmothers favorite pattern, and one in the waffle knit pattern. I'm guessing you can tell which is my favorite.

I also included two mini-dishcloths for my niece. She has this cute pink play kitchen that she just adores. I figured she could use a few dishcloths as well. For these, I increased until there were 25 stitches and then started the decreases. They turned out adorable and she apparently loves them. When she realized they were for her, they stopped everything, and had to go wash dishes. How cute is that?
Chardell, I'm so sorry that it took me forever to get these to you. It is a good thing you have a big supply of patience. You must have been blessed with a little extra since you were bound to be my sister. Love ya!

PS- Sophie would like you to know that she helped in the photographing of all these dishcloths. She had to get in one picture somehow and figured her white paws could add a little something special to this otherwise boring photo of a bunch of dishcloths.


Salihan said...

The washcloths are so pretty! Sophie really didn't need to stick her paw in the photo to make it more interesting. Just the stripey colours on the washcloths are pleasing enough. But a sexy feline leg here and there does no harm. :P (me@salihan.com)

Crafty Christina said...

Great washcloths! You know, I still haven't used any for dishes, though I do have soft ones for washing my face.

Lesalicious said...

Cute wash cloths so cute, great job.

Rebekah said...

beautiful dish cloths! I need to knit some more for our kitchen as ours are started to wear out.

Love the mini dish cloths for your niece...too cute!