Monday, August 30, 2010

More Catnip Bunnies

After a few issues with the mail system, these catnip bunnies have (hopefully) found their way to a new home. Are they not just the cutest things you have ever seen!? I just love them, and more importantly, the cats adore them! They are fast becoming the new favorite "go to" toy for my kitties. Hopefully, the kitties who received these will also love them.
The bunny tails are my favorite part!

Raverly Link
Pattern - Catnip Bunnies
Yarn - Red Heart Soft - scraps from a previous project
Needles - Size 4


Rebekah said...

adorable! I need to make some new catnip toys for our kitties.

The US Mail has been driving me nuts lately, too.

Anonymous said...

The bunnies were received and are currently being loved by two thankful kitties.
Thanks again.

Crafty Christina said...

So cute. If I only had cats!

Anonymous said...

Now that I could make toys, I need a cat that knows how to play. Sad to say, my cat wouldn't know what to do with these.