Sunday, December 5, 2010

Copy Cat Thermis Cowl

Back in October, KathrynIvy posted this beautiful cowl. Isn't it gorgeous!? I just couldn't help myself. I immediately purchased the pattern and the exact same yarn, to make a copy cat version of this cowl for me. I know... so very original of me.

It took me just over a week to get this completed, but most of that time I was waiting to find the perfect buttons. This is my first project with buttons, and thus - my first attempt at buttonholes... and I tackled them like a champ! They are not as scary as I thought they would be and in the end, they were actually quite easy. Plus, shopping for buttons is so much fun. I found three that I thought worked well, but couldn't decide on just one. So I asked a random shopper in the store for her opinion. I think it kinda threw her off guard and she responded by telling me she didn't work there. I didn't want to ask the ladies that worked there because one of the buttons was $2.50 per button, and I didn't wan the price to skew their opinion. I settled for the $.65 cent buttons instead. After a day of blocking, I couldn't wait any longer to wear this. I have worn it everyday since. I just love it! (shocker!) The yarn I used is the new Malabrigo Rios. It is so much better than I thought it would be. Seriously, if I could knit with only this yarn, I would. It is just delicious!

I've even had the chance to test it out in the cold weather. It finally snowed here in NC for the first time this season, and this cowl protected me and kept me toasty warm just like it was meant to. I'd have to say this project was a huge success!Raverly Link
Pattern - Thermis Cowl, by Kris Knits
Yarn - Malabrigo Rios, Arco Iris
Needles - US 6
Notes- Cast on 112 for the small size.


Crafty Christina said...

I love the cowl and it looks great on you! Don't call it copycatting, call it being inspired!

Just ME the MOM said...

Sooo cute - I want one of these, seriously I do :)