Saturday, December 4, 2010

Punch Embroidery

Thanks to my cousin, Carrie, I have a new addiction (heaven knows I need one more). Punch embroidery. Ever heard of it? It is so fun and relaxing, and the end product is super cute. And it makes for a nice side project to take a break from the bigger projects that usually drive me crazy. It is so simple... just punching small loops into fabric to create different designs. When you are done, you have a three-dimensional work of art. I have had this finished for quite some time, but since it was destined to be a present for a special someone, I had to wait to show it off. I purchased a matching frame and removed the glass in the front. That way, the embroidery "pops" out. I don't feel too bad about adding this to my list of crafting hobbies, since it is relatively inexpensive, doesn't take too much time, and creates something that is super cute.

PS - My cousin is also very talented in the quilting and sewing area and even has an online Etsy shop. Go here to check it out.

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