Friday, April 29, 2011

Plethora Continues - Project 3

I don't know why, perhaps it's just a fluke, but I've finished three blankets recently (see posts of plethora projects 1 and 2) and all of them are for babies, and all of them are red. What's up with that? And no, that is not an announcement in any way. Anyway, here is another finished project. I warned you there was plethora of projects coming.

After finishing my 2010 Challenge quilt, I had a lot of 7 1/2 inch squares left over in the 30's prints.  I didn't know what else I was going to do with them and didn't want to wast them, so I simply sewed them together.  Super simple + super fast + super easy = an adorable baby quilt. No pattern, just sewed them in a random order trying to mix it up a little ... you know so no two red prints are next to each other, etc.

The end quilt measures approximately 42 x 42,  a perfect crib size. Or this would make a great play mat. You know something to do the "I spy" game with since there are so many different prints.

For the backing and the binding, I used this red ducky print I got on a clearance sale.  Don't ask me where I got it, or about the store it came from.  It was was not a good experience, and I'd rather not re-live it, but I'm happy with the fabric, so I guess that outweighs the bad experience.
I made a small tag to attach to the corner. I kinda like the small and simple tag and think I might try screen printing some tags similar to this in the future. What do you think?  I will have to see how ambitious I'm feeling, I guess.

Overall, it turned out to be an adorable baby blanket.  A scrap quilt, in a way.  And... I LOVE IT!

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Crafty Christina said...

Scrappy quilts are my favorite! This one turned out so cute!