Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Pillow Covers

Last year I made some pillow covers for our couch pillows. We loved them and used them to death.  The pillows that I covered with them are actually a red suede and after a year of use, they were starting to change the covers a light pink instead of a crisp white that they should have been.  So it was time to change it up and make some new ones.  
So that is exactly what I did.  Nothing fancy, and I don't even have a pattern to share with you because I just made it up really.  I think the larger pillows were 20" and the smaller ones are 17".  I just made a flap that overlaps in the back.  Actually very simple... and I adore the end results.


Crafty Christina said...

They look great! I made a pillow cover for the first time this past week. If I had known they were such a snap, I would have done them a long time ago.

Kristin said...

I adore them also - they must look just lovely!