Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hand Dyed Yarn

Remember when I dyed my own yarn?  Remember how awesome it was?!  I knit it up into a pair of socks, and they quickly became my favorite.  So I thought I should try it again.

Well, this year after Easter, I stocked up on some more egg dying tablets.  Stocked up with lots of options for colors!  I was going for a self-striping yarn, but messed up - too much excitement for me to focus properly it appears.  There is always next time I guess.  I still think they turned out nicely, but I'll have to see how it will knit up. 
I'm even considering trying kettle dying with some real fiber dye and not Easter egg tablets.  I think I might officially be hooked!


mamaw said...

Oh, I love this one so much. It looks like Spring ... or maybe Hawaii. Anyway(s) it's gorgeous!

Crafty Christina said...

Very pretty! I especially love the darker one. Can't wait to see what you knit it into.