Sunday, January 15, 2012

Traveling Woman Shawl (para mi madre)

One of my goals for 2011 was to hand knit something for my mom and my sister.  My sister received her hand knit item for her birthday, a thermis cowl.  For my mom, I knit her a shawl... something to keep her warm in church meetings. 
I had called her several times asking "What colors do you like to wear?"  I originally planned on something gray, you know... easy to match with outfits, but in the end decided on a green.  Malabrigo Rios, in Aguas to be exact.  It is no surprise that I'm a huge fan of Malabrigo, so it was only fitting that I used it to make something for my mom - since I'm a huge fan of her too!
After looking through tons of pattern choices, I finally decided on the Traveling Woman Shawl, by Liz Abinant.  I know it looks a little intimidating with all those purl rows, but this pattern was wonderful.  It was my first time working a lace pattern, so I did have to go to the LYS to get some help on how to read it.  Once they explained it to me, I was off to the races.  I guess I was just a little over-excited to be making this because within three days, I was out of yarn and waiting for a new skein to arrive.  Thank goodness I had ordered it from Mr. Yarn, and they still had a skein in the same dyelot available.  

I think it turned out lovely!  I really debated if I should give it away or keep it for myself ;-)  I decided my mom would probably love it more than I ever could, so I wrapped it up for her Christmas.

When I called on Christmas morning to see if she had opened it, my niece (she's almost 5!) told me "Mamaw really likes her cape."  Too cute!~

Raverly Page
Pattern - Traveling Woman Shawl, by Liz Abinant.
Date started - 11/20/11
Date Finished - 12/7/11
Made For - Mi Madre
Yarn - Malabrigo Rios in Aguas
Needles - US 10, 40" circulars - Addi Turbos
Pre-Blocked Size- 52" wingspan by 14" tall
Finished Size - 80" wingspan by 24" tall


mamaw said...

Mamaw really LOVES her cape!!!!!

Greg and Karianne said...

Wow that is beautiful! I have no idea how you make things like that. It looks really complicated.

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful...almost makes we want to go to church just to see it.... I guess I will just ask to see it next time I'm at her house.. Church might be dangerous.


BrItTneEanN said...

You've got talent woman!! See my other comments I have made on your other stuff:)

Crafty Christina said...

That turned out beautifully!

Unknown said...

Hello. my name is Shari new to your blog. This is just beautiful! I crochet, but love looking at this that are knitted. I can not master this talent for nothing so I guess I will just crochet. Please come visit me if you can and I will be back soon. Thanks for sharing... it's just beautiful. Shari

Catalina Barnes @Split-site PhD said...

Thank you for the photo of the shawl, it is difficult to really get a sense of the size and fit without a photo of it being worn. I think that this green is still a very versatile color which can go with many outfits. That sounds like a great Christmas gift.

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