Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Milo Vest - Marching Elephants

My sweet niece turned 4 this past weekend (yay!) and I decided that she needed something extra special for her birthday.  Ever since I first saw Grace's version of the Milo Vest, I knew that I needed to make one.  Seriously, is this not the cutest thing ever!?  Come on- you can rave over it, I won't mind. ;-)

This is my first attempt at a knitted garment (I'm continuing with my year of knitting in 2011 and started with learning to knit a garment).  It turned out fantastic!  I was a little confused at first how it was going to turn out (it is knit top down, with no seaming) but I just kept following the pattern and watched it slowly come together.  And I can officially say that I am hooked.  (I fully plan to dress my kids in the cutest hand knit items you have ever seen!)
I replaced the cable down the center of the vest with a chart of the elephants by Jessica Tromp - found here. Are they not the cutest things? Just marching along!  I had a little trouble with them at first.  I'm a very tight knitter and I was pulling too tight on the floats on the back.  I didn't realize this until I was almost done, at which point I had to rip back to the beginning of the chart and start again.  I absolutely hate doing that, but I'm really glad I did.
I used Knitspicks Swish in DK weight for the yarn.  This was my first time using this yarn and I really liked it.  It seems to hold up pretty well and I really love the colors it comes it and it works great for colorwork projects.  Bonus - it is superwash (which I'm sure her mom will appreciate). In the end, I am very very pleased with how this turned out!  I couldn't wait to give it to her.  I only wish I could have been there to see her open it.  But apparently she loved it and that is all that matters. 

Raverly Link
Pattern: Milo Vest by Georgie Hallam
Yarn:P Knitpicks Swish DK in Tidepool Heather and Dove Heather
Needles: US Size 5
Size Made: 22 inch chest (3 year old)
Finished Size:  22" around by 20" long (after blocking, it grew quite a lot.  I hoping that means it will just give her room to grow into it)
Date Started: 12/25/10
Date Finished: 1/17/11
Total Hours Spent:  22.5 Hours


Julie said...

This is so beautiful!! Funnily enough, I just ran a modification of this pattern on my mod Mondays feature yesterday, and I never even saw the elephant version! Gorgeous. I love the colours you chose.

CraftyAshley said...

Oh so very cute! You did a great job!

Crafty Christina said...

Wow, that is gorgeous! Not only your first knitted garmet, but it has color changes in there too! Amazing, my friend, amazing!

Abby and Brenda said...

Sooo cute!

Teresa p said...

Love the elephants, Cami! Just faved it in Ravelry and cannot believe how many hearts you've got! Amazing!

Mamaw said...

I love this. You're the best aunt ever!

annemarie said...

I am raving over this - so adorable.

Kaikelasa said...

the vest is lovely and your stitches are so neat and even. I would love to make these vests for my boys. But am unable to open any file in the website [jessica tromp]. can you help me please. thank you very much. sheela

Caroline said...

That vest is absolutely darling. What a lucky little niece!