Thursday, July 17, 2008


I really wanted to get the complaints off the front page. Sorry for that. I guess I just needed to vent a little (or a lot). Yes, mom, I will be a careful pedestrian and not do stupid stuff just to prove a point.

On a better note, look at what we have adopted.
Yep, it is the neighborhood stray kitten. She is super cute. Dustin really has a soft spot in his heart for stray cats and at every where we live he finds one to adopt. This one we have named Roxy. I like it cause she is like Foxy Roxy, and everyone wants to be her! She just had kittens, which, I am told, the owners sold.

Okay, that is a contradiction I realize but let me explain. Her so called owners don't feed her or take care of her at all. They just ignore her. I don't think people should have pets if they can't take care of them. Roxy is almost to the point of starvation, she is so skinny. She can eat more than our two cats put together. Yesterday she had four meals, and was still begging for more. She waits on our doorstep for us to come home. She loves attention and is really quite pleasant so I don't really mind having her around. But Sophie and Dimitri do! Talk about jealousy.

I think it is funny in the picture is says on her makeshift food dish "Lose 6 lbs in 2 weeks!" We are actually trying to do the opposite of that. Dustin was so proud of his bowls that he made for her. He used a cereal box to make a dish for the food and a milk carton to put water in. Very inventive but if we would have had paper bowls, that is what I would have used. Note to self - buy paper bowls.

Also, look what else I have been up to.
My sister helped (Thanks!) me make these blankets for a humanitarian project my church is doing. They are going to tie these quilts and wanted them sewn together first. I guess it is easier that way, but I think I would disagree. I volunteered to help, and then passed the buck to my sister. They are all crib size with the same blue flower print for the front but different backs. So my sister made two and I made one! Yep, I'm the slacker but it is really hard to make them when YOUR SEWING MACHINE IS BROKEN!!!!! Yep, (sniff, sniff) you heard me correctly. It is so sad and I'm about ready to cry. I can't fix it . I've spent three days and exhausted all my resources. This is where I praise Costco profusely. I love Costco! Yes, I LOVE COSTCO! Seriously, I think this store is the greatest thing ever. I bought my sewing machine from them online. But the best part is, they will return anything. So, I am going to return my broken sewing machine (I've only had it for a few months) and get a replacement. Thank you Costco and 25 year warranty! This means that I will be without a sewing machine for a while until a replacement comes. Hopefully soon. I'm sure I have a lot of other projects I can work on to keep me occupied.


Crafty Christina said...

Costco rocks! Cute little kitty you've got there!

Rebekah said...

Costco is the best! What a cute kitty! I'm so glad we don't have any strays in the neighborhood (knock on wood) because a stray kitty would definitely equal a third cat in our house. We're both softies!

Laurah said...

Your new cat looks so cute! That is so funny about the other cats not taking to Roxy.
The blankets look great! Just one blanket must have taken forever with no sewing machine. Maybe it's good practice for when you hand-quilt in the future?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want you to be without projects until you new sewing machine comes. I think I"ll send you a tub of yarn. Roxy looks like she could be Dimitri's sister. Love,Mom

jacquie said...

Yippee for Costco. I knew there was a reason I love that store. Cute new family member too!