Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recent Happenings

This past Friday (yes it has been a long time since my last post but I have been busy) we went with some friends to see "The Dark Night." Absolutely loved it! A++ Must see! Ledger gives an amazing performance and Mr. Bale isn't too shabby either. So many things I loved about this movie, so just know that it comes highly recommended by me! If you end up hating this movie, I am requesting a one page essay as to why you disliked it.

Saturday we went to the Rocky Mountain Review! Yep, that's right. Basketball season is coming up and we want to be prepared, as do the teams. It is just a bunch of d-league teams and international teams that come together to play and show off their talents for scouts and coaches. We even got to see the Iran team play, seriously how many chances will you ever get to see them? I'm so excited for the new Jazz season I can hardly wait. Plus, bonus for the Jazz, Deron Williams (the best point guard ever!) just signed a four year contract extension with the Jazz so he will be around for a while. Phew! Glad that is settled.

Yesterday, I was able to hang out with Anna, so that her parents could go see the fantastic film mentioned above. They loved it by the way, as I knew they would. So me and the little lady spent the evening taking naps (that was her, not me), eating dinner, dancing, playing on the swings, and shopping. I even kept her up past her bedtime because I am the fun aunt. Can I just tell you what a fantastic girl she is? She is so well behaved. What ever they are doing, I'd like to know so that my kids turn out half decent. She walked around all night saying "hi" to the cats, she just loved them. When I asked her to put her shoes on, she did (well, she sat down so I could put them on) (PS. Chardell I think her shoes are a little tight, cause boy did I struggle, or maybe they are just difficult because of that strappy thing). When I asked if she wanted more dinner, she said "more" (too cute!). When I put her down for bed I said "night night" and she waved and said the same. Then I gave her "bob" (her stuffed doggy) and she says "bob"! No screams, no cries, just "ok". Darling. She even gave me loves at the end of the night before she went home. She is so adorable, I think I might end up stealing her when her mom isn't looking. I took her shopping to Costco and totally pretended she was my child when the cashier asked me how I got her to keep her bows in her hair.

When I set her up at the table for dinner, her chin hit just below the table so there was no way she was going to be able to eat. So look at what I rigged up. Pretty inventive! Yep, I used Dustin's Nintendo chair, and the footstool. It worked great and she had her own little table to eat on. She loved it. The only bad part was that she was in reaching distance of the cats, and I think she might have swallowed some cat hair. "Sorry !" Just pretend I didn't confess that to you.

"Night Night!"
I've also been working on another receiving blanket, but no pictures because it isn't finished yet. Hopefully soon. I've also been making a lot of cards because my stash was running low. I forgot to take pictures of these too, sorry. I did manage to return my sewing machine and purchase a new one. It is being mailed to me as we speak so hopefully it won't be too long before it gets here. I have projects to get done!


Christina said...

can't wait to see Dark Knight! Very inventive with the chair. Anna is a cutie pie.

Jacquie said...

My boys went last night and both of them loved it. They said I might like it too. They know i'm not much for scary movies, so when they recommended I see it, it must be good.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know just what you are talking about when you say how cute Anna is .... I got to spend several days having lunch with her and Ricky... What fun..I will probably never live long enough to have grandkids of my own so for now I will just enjoy Anna. CW

Anonymous said...

Anna, Anna, Anna, don't you just love her. I wish I could have been there too. Love, Mom

Rebekah C said...

I've heard nothing but great things about that movie. I hope I get to see it soon :)