Wednesday, July 16, 2008

That's All I Have To Say About That.

*Complaints below! Beware!*

Apparently, your driver's license expires every 5 years on your birthday. Apparently, I forgot to renew my license this year. Oops! An even bigger oops is that it was 5 months expired. Thank goodness for the car rental place that helped me to notice this error on my part. No worries, I didn't have to take a test. That is required when you let it go expired for more than 6 months. Phew, missed that one. I now have a current license, after an hour of standing in line at the DMV this morning.

This got me to thinking about driving. Here is my say on the matter.
I sold my gas guzzling 4-runner a few months ago and have since become a pedestrian. I spend approximately 20 minutes a day walking to and from work. More if I decide to go to the craft store or the grocery store. Utah does not have the best reputation for courteous drivers and in fact, we are kinda known for our crankiness on the roads. Can I just say that I really don't appreciate it; as a pedestrian or as a driver.

I don't appreciate that people pull out into the crosswalks when they are going to make a right hand turn and don't bother to stop before it and look for pedestrians. I have almost been hit TWICE because of this. It is also really rude to make me have to go around your car because you have decided to pull out into the crosswalk thus blocking my walking path. My sister was hit by a car because she had to do this, and then the idiot driver reversed and ran her over (and drove off, nonetheless). So, I patiently wait for the driver to move. This is probably not the smartest idea since I am standing in the cross walk, staring the driver in the face, waiting for them to move. Just trying to make a point, I guess. I think I almost made a lady start to cry the other day because I just stood there waiting for her to go. I didn't go around, because I don't feel that I should have to. It is rude to pedestrians, so please take into consideration our right to the road and crosswalks.

I also don't appreciate that people are very impatient when making a left hand turn and having to wait for pedestrians first. Excuse me! But if I want to take my time, and not run, across the crosswalk, than that is my business. There is no need to curse at me and yell at me to get across faster so that you can make the turn (yes, this lady really did this to me the other day). It is really uncalled for to rush out into the intersection and start to turn as I walk past, nearly taking me out in an attempt to get around me. I'm sorry, but where ever you are going and where ever I am going, you are going to get there a whole lot faster than me. So let me take my time, or hurry, whichever I prefer. And if it really ruffles your feathers, then stop and give me a ride across the street if you think it will be faster.

I also am quite angered by the amount of people who chose to speed up for a yellow light (thus running a red light in most instances) instead of stopping. I was nearly run over the other day because some careless driver (on a cell phone) decided to run the red light after I had started to cross (in the crosswalk). I don't want to have to risk my life just to get to work, so please be courteous and don't run red lights. It is really dangerous.

Also, I understand if there is an emergency and you need to talk on the cell phone. But really people, does it need to be plastered to your ear as you are driving. I'm just curious as to why people don't use the speakerphone or hands free headset? Is it too much to ask that you at least try to pay attention to the road as you are driving? I honestly heard some guy (who obviously thought he was being cool) tell his friend not to worry, "He will master the skill of texting and driving one of these days, just keep practicing." Honest! Okay, talking on cell phones I can understand. Sure I get annoyed and wish that people would cut it down, but TEXTING!! That is downright insane! Are you trying to kill everyone including yourself? Please, from the bottom of my heart, stop texting while you are driving. Just take the two seconds, make the phone call, and get on with your life before you end someone elses.

All I am asking is that you try to show pedestrians, and other drivers for that matter, some respect and courtesy on the roads.

Okay, I feel better! I have ranted and raved about stupid drivers and I'm sorry for posting this (this is not the intended use of my blog) but I really just needed to let that go. And now I can. I'm going to walk home now. Hopefully, I will make it safely.


Crafty Christina said...

Utah drivers sound nearly as bad as NY drivers. My mom always told me to wait a few seconds to cross when the light changes because you never know when someone will try to run it. Walk safely!

Anonymous said...

You Go, girl!

jacquie said...

Good rant...there ought to be a law...I can't tell you how many close calls I've had with folks on their sad they don't realize their car is swerving or crossing the lane line or they are slowing or speeding up. It's crazy out there!

Anonymous said...

Ha! You make me laugh. Who would have thought road rage could spill over to pedestrians. Hope you have a better day today. Love, Mom

Laurah said...

I really hate it when people won't wait the extra 3 seconds it takes for a ped to reach the sidewalk. It is frightening to have a car whizzing past your ankles! All drivers should wait until the ped is on the curb before puuting their foot on the gas pedal.
San Juan Islanders are generally curteous drivers, but it doesn't put you in the right mindset to deal with an aggressive tourist's car.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I thin lack of courtesy on the road is universal! I have driven in more than 10 countries and everyone is in a hurry! Glad you didn't have to retake your test!

Rebekah said...

I feel your pain (but from a biking perspective).

But, I always feel so horrible when I accidentally stop in the walking lane and then I have to sheepishly back up so that the pedestrian can get through. Your post has reminded me to be more careful!